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Driver Training as a Science

Our behind the wheel driver training program has been developed through 24 years of experience in the field. We follow a carefully structured lesson plan which builds a solid foundation of driving skills using a methodical step-by-step approach. Our drivers training methods are designed to steadily increase skill levels through a variety of drills and exercises.

Behind the Wheel Driver Training

Safe and Effective Driving Lessons

Students are never put into situations they are not ready for. Our rule is that driver training should never be scary. If it gets that way, it is always due to the student moving a little too quickly into more complex situations that they are not prepared for. (This is true for practicing at home, too!) Driving lessons, when done right, should be based on repetition and gradual progress.To give you an idea of our approach, here is how we will begin the very first lesson:

  • We start simple, with speed and steering control, and we do not add any complications until the basics are mastered
  • Then we add vehicle positioning for basic turns at residential intersections, and work on that for a while
  • Once that is all working fairly well, we start with basic right of way rules.....and so forth.
As we add complexity, it becomes pretty obvious to both student and teacher that this stuff is going to take some practice!!! So we repeat, repeat, repeat until it comes more naturally, and then move on to the next steps. And this is how parents and instructors should approach every phase of a driver’s training. We have 6 months to a year of practice time with every student. (And in fact you can extend the learner’s permit another year if you need to!) So there is more than enough time to take it "slow and steady." If we do, the experience can be safe, effective, and less nervous for everyone.

Benefits of our Behind the Wheel Drivers Training Program:

  • One on one driving lessons
  • Free home or school pickups
  • Reliable late-model cars
  • Air bags in every vehicle
  • Fully trained instructors
  • Proven lesson plan
  • Female or Male instructors
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