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Practice permit tests can make the difference between passing or failing at DMV

Try a practice permit test for free by clicking the links over on your right. Get your learners permit the first try and start driving sooner!

Did you know over 45% of first timers fail their test at DMV? And it's not just the test you should worry about...this information is important! Our tests will help you to be sure you "know your stuff" before you get your permit and start driving for real.

Free Practice Permit Tests

Pass your Permit Test the First Attempt!

Don’t take any chances! Pass the first try by doing all you can do to prepare.

Our thorough practice permit test was created from actual permit tests. To follow copyright laws the wording needs to be changed just slightly, but these multiple choice test questions are exactly like the ones you will face for your written DMV permit test. Our 250 practice permit test questions will fully prepare you for the DMV Test.

Helpful links:

This site has a practice permit test as well.

Check this site out for another practice test.

And of course you will find the dmv practice test helpful too.


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