Practice Driving Test: from Foothill. Get your permit at DMV and start driving today!

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Did you know over 35% fail their driving test on the first try?

Don't take any chances! Buy our famous practice driving test, proven to work since 1989.

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The test will help you in 2 ways:

  • See what you know and make sure it is enough
  • Gain a deeper understanding of driving issues

Practice Driving Test = Success!

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Answers that make you think!

Our practice driving tests don't use clever "throwaway" answers or "gimme's." Each question and answer has been written to get you to reason your way through the topic. If there are some fine points of a law or driving rule, your test questions and answers will help find out if you truly "get it"

Crafted by real Driver Ed you know it works!


  • Tests for your state
  • Full scoring reports or "As you go"
  • 250 questions of extra test prep
  • Online test. Take it anywhere!
Your practice driving test has been crafted, tested, and perfected through more than 17 years of use in actual classes. Test questions are edited every single year to account for changes in the rules of the road. So when you choose our test, you know it is the very best online driving test you can find.
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