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Stick Shift Training

Don't beat up your vehicle, use ours!

Let's face it, stick shift training can be hard on cars. Clutches and transmissions can be damaged while you are learning, and they are not cheap to fix. Why not use our car instead of your own for those first lessons?

Why do I need to know this?

Even if you don't drive a stick now, you will likely need to in the future. Will you need to borrow someone elses car for the day? Maybe take a job as a valet or delivery driver later on? Maybe you will find a great deal on a nice car some day, but can't drive a stick shift to even get it home? It is a life skill that will likely come in handy.

Expert Instructors make learning easy

Sure you can learn from your buddy or girlfriend, etc. But will you still be friendly when you're done? And we have taught driving to more than 20,000 students. Do you think we might have some techniques that could make it any easier? We do. You'll be driving a stick in no time with our guidance.

What will my stick shift lesson include?

In your 90 minute session we will familiarize you with the mechanics of how a manual transmission works. We will teach you how to shift properly and to master that delicate balance between clutch and accelerator. You will practice downshifting, shifting through city traffic, getting up to speed quickly for freeway onramps, and starting on hills. And much more! When we are finished you will be very familiar with how to drive a stick shift vehicle and comfortable doing it.

When are the stick shift lessons done?

Stick shift driving lessons are only done on Sundays at this time. We will schedule lessons by phone only to be sure a stick shift training car is available for your lesson. All of these manual training sessions will be 90 minutes in length.