Use our Car for your Driving Test!

Use our Car for your Driving Test!

2 Hour DMV Test session

If you aren't comfortable using your own vehicle for your driving test, or if yours is not legal, safe and insured… you can use ours!

Please note: This service is only available to current or recent Foothill Driving School students.

For the DMV behind the wheel driving test, you're required to bring a car that is safe and legal to drive. Also, it needs to be currently registered and insured. Most of all, you should be comfortable driving that vehicle. If you can't find a car that fits the bill, you can use our driving school car for the test.

This session starts with a quick review of skills needed for the DMV test. The driving instructor then brings the student and car to the DMV to take the test.

Some reasons students have chosen to use our car for the test:

  • More comfortable using an automatic transmission
  • Easier to drive a smaller vehicle in parking and city situations
  • They did not have a legal vehicle to use (i.e. bald tires, cracked windshields, bad electrical, etc.)
  • Expired vehicle registration or insurance (Please note, the driver does NOT need to be specifically listed as insured on the vehicle they are using for the test. Parents' vehicles are ok!)

This lesson needs to be carefully scheduled, and we do have some rules for how it can be done:

  • Our office staff schedules the test with the DMV
  • No DMV test times after 11am
  • 2+ weeks notice required
  • Current or recent students only
  • Safe students only (If we determine that the driver is not safe, we can't allow that driver to use our vehicle for the test. We can't be in the car with you, so we can't be sure it will stay safe. This is solely at the discretion of the instructor.)

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