Prices and Packages With Online Driver Ed

Packages with Online Driver Education

These prices are for students who need Online Driver's Education.
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Pay as You Go

Online Driver Ed Course

Fulfills the DMV requirement for driver education.
Available at a discount with driving packages!

Behind the Wheel Lesson

1.5 Hour lesson - 4 of these are needed to fulfill the 6 hour DMV requirement.
 $99 BUY NOW
Packages with Driver Education

Two Lessons

2 lessons - Includes Driver Education and two 90 Minute Lessons.
$209 BUY NOW

DMV Requirements Package

4 Lessons - Includes Driver Education plus 6 hours training as required by DMV. Where budget is the primary concern.
Saves $46 over pay as you go
  $389 BUY NOW

"Advanced Downtown" Package

5 Lessons - Includes Driver Education plus a "Downtown Sacramento" lesson to the basic 4-lesson requirement. We work in downtown Sacramento on one-way streets, complex freeway interchanges, etc.
$459 BUY NOW

"Downtown & Defense" Package

6 Lessons - Includes Drivers Education, the basic DMV requirement, plus the "Downtown Sacramento" lesson, and adds an "Advanced Accident Avoidance & Defensive Driving Lesson."
$519 BUY NOW
Additional services

90 Minute Stick Shift Lesson

90 Minute session focused only on stick shift driving. Includes low/high speeds, hill starts, downshifting, clutch/gas balance and more. This lesson does not count toward DMV licensing requirements for minors.
$139 BUY NOW

2 Stick Shift Lessons - Package

Two lessons for more repetition and practice. This is the choice if you don't have another manual transmission vehicle for practice at home.
 $239 BUY NOW

Use our car for your DMV test

Please note: The DMV test will be scheduled by our office staff. Test must be scheduled before 11am at the Folsom, Placerville, Roseville or Rocklin DMV. This service is only available to students who have completed at least one lesson with us.
 $159 BUY NOW