Driver ED for Employers

Fleet Driver Training and Corporate courses

A course in defensive driving and accident avoidance can save your company millions, and keep your employees safe.

We offer brush up behind the wheel driver training courses that teach good techniques and strategies for safer driving:

  • Scanning and anticipation of dangers
  • Defensive driving strategy
  • Spacing in traffic
  • Speed control
  • Foul weather driving
  • Situational education (what to look for and when)

Help International Employees to safely adapt to local driving conditions

Driving conditions are very different in California than in the rest of the world. In many cases, our students are almost “starting over” when they begin driving here. Traffic moves faster, intersections and right of way can be different, and we may even drive on “the wrong side of the road!”

A single lesson or a 4-6 lesson driving course can make a huge difference for the safety of your transitioning employees. We have worked with such companies as:

  • Intel
  • HP
  • Rapidigm (Fujitsu)
  • R Systems

Put safer drivers on the road for your company!

Your delivery, service or sales force must be safe when doing your corporation’s business. Your business and your employees depend on it.

Even for smaller companies, the cost of a few brush up lessons or an onsite seminar is tiny when compared to the huge costs associated with accidents, such as lost time, legal liabilities, medical bills, higher insurance premiums, and injured reputation.

Fleet Driver Training Seminars

We can do an on-site drivers training seminar at your facility anywhere in the Sacramento California area. Call for prices.