Driving Instruction for Safer Driving in California

The rules and dynamics of California driving are very different from those of other countries.

Some especially important issues:

  • Faster moving flow of traffic on city streets
  • Different rules for turns and intersections
  • Different driving behaviors and actions to anticipate
  • Among many others

Our instructors are fully trained and experienced in knowing the differences and helping you to adapt to California roadways.

Califonia Driver License Test Preparation

The DMV Test is a challenge in and of itself. Knowing the procedures and drills in advance can really help you in getting your California Driver License.

Pass your Test!

We will guide you through the process from start to finish. We can do a DMV Test Prep lesson, showing you the test routines and including 2 full simulations of the test itself. Your practice tests will be scored exactly as they will at DMV, and you can use the scores and instructor evaluation to improve your chances.

Get an American License

If your goal is to get an American License, we can certainly help. You will normally need a DMV permit or Temporary license first, but in many cases we can work with a license from your home country or international license. Our office staff will advise you. We have helped hundreds of international students to get a license in California. We can help you too.

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